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Body Balance outdoors @ Greystoke May June July 2011


For the May June and July the Cycle Cafe will be a licensed venue for "Les Mills BTS" Body Balance Classes.

The classes will be led by experienced tutor Carolyn Brown from the North Lakes Gym in Penrith

and will happen (preferably) barefoot on a quiet lawn at the Cafe.

However the workshop studio is available if weather dictates, though booking a space by phone is advisable 07984 205988


If outside - just turn up


Cost  = £4.80 per session


Body Balance, is a brilliantly strong, non aerobic workout, great for core strength, that people of varying fitness levels can benefit from.

It is a combination of Yoga,Tai Chi and Pilates carefully choreographed to relaxing music.

Classes will hopefully take place in the open air, usually barefoot, on the grass

in a tranquil location with swallows flying overhead, We can use the workshop studio if the weather is wet -

IN WHICH CASE PHONE to book yout space

Wear loose fitting or stretchy gear.

If you have any questions regarding these classes /  weather conditions / availability

or would like to book your own private session (s)

please phone  BTS Qual tutor Carolyn Brown 07984 205988


Here's a link to an indoor class  







Saturdays 10am 

Sundays 10am

Mondays 7pm

Thursday 7pm - this class will be outdoors only

Next two weeks timetable below:


Sats 10am


Suns 10am
Mons  7pm
Thur 7pm


Mon 18th July


Thu 21st Yes

Sat 23rd July  yes

       Sun 24th Yes

Mon 25th


Thu 28th June


 Sat 30th July -

last class


If we need to cancel a class we will try to keep you informed of any changes . . .

Changes will be advertised on our facebook page

We can also send messages to your mobile phone

See below for info on : How to receive messages about the classes, parking, location, arrival time and Cafe:


1. Keeping you informed

We prefer to run the classes in the open air  - but are lucky enough to be able to use the workshop studio if weather dictates

To register your mobile phone, please send a free text message to  86444 saying     follow bodybalancebike  

                                                                                                                                             (that's a space between 'follow 'and 'bodybalancebike' )

This is all you have to do, everytime we send a message you will get it .............and if at anytime you want to cancel this service

just send another text   stop bodybalancebike - its free and simple.       See below for further explanation

(Please note you do not need to set up an account, so ignore the response texts inviting you to join Twitter !)


2. Parking

. . .is very limited at the Cafe- please park carefully down towards the village as per map below and walk up 150yds , or cycle !


3. Where to park

 As you approach the Cafe from the village, before the high wall, park on the LEFT where the road widens & marked pink. 

Although an established footpath and a quiet rural area - the road bend outside the Café can be hazardous as

cyclists often come around it from the north fast and quietly - therefore

Always walk towards the Café keeping to the LEFT HAND side of the road for greater visibility.

Mp showing Greystoke location and recommended roadside parking for Cycle Cafe  - alternatively use the free village car park


3. Please arrive 10 mins early 

. . . if this is your first exercise class here

4. Cafe

The cafe will generally be open for teas and coffee (and cake) after the class.

You'll Love It - Honest

and thanks to Helen T who has furnished us with the following explanation for a Twitter 'fast follow ' definition

So to set up to follow the bodybalancebike Twitter page on your mobile without your own Twitter account then text 'follow bodybalancebike' to 86444.
This should work for UK Vodaphone, Orange, 3 and O2 numbers.

The commands you can use without an account are listed below (I've lifted this direct from Twitter's website).

* Follow [username] - To receive updates from a user send Follow along with the username to 86444
* OFF or STOP or LEAVE- You can turn off receiving updates from the user that you are following by sending OFF or STOP
* ON - Sending ON will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
* WHOIS username - Retrieves the profile information of the user.
* STATS - This command returns the number of people that you are following.
* GET username - This retrieves the latest update that the user has posted.

this info came from

(but note that it contains the US 40404 number just to confuse you)

Thankyou Hattie for this  : )

'Also in Greystoke'

   As a villageGreystoke has a great deal to offer

it has its own website encompassing the many facilites and plenty of accommodation within the village & surrounds...





"My wife would love all this ".


...... often said by visiting C2C cyclists on

Often the most challenging part of the C2C can be logistics at the start and end.   Involving friends or non cycling partners may be a solution.

Plan a 2 to 4 day C2C ride  and book 2 /3 nights accommodation at the same establishment around the end of Day One

(probably Greystoke or East of- see SOME PLACES TO STAY for a few ideas) . Go there.

Early the first morning Cyclist is delivered by sleepy Driver to Whitehaven. Driver then returns for much needed coffee at start of chosen workshop in Greystoke

Later Cyclist arrives for a timely lunch or tea & scones in garden and admires Driver's Willow Creation/Wood Carving before riding off .

.Driver and Cyclist catch up late afternoon.

Days 2 and 3 can be imaginative derivatives of  Day 1 including probable collection of Cyclist from the East coast by Driver having enjoyed

the Lake District to the max in the meantime.

Both drive happily homewards. Obviously more fun in numbers. If it helps, here are some photos to help you choose a workshop 

There is a photo album for each workshop we run - an invaluable insight into a day




A 4 * Cyclists Hostel and B&B sleeping 15 and 6 respectively 83558


Greystoke Open Air summer Swimming Pool - heated and with lifeguard 83637

A real Village Shop c/w post office 83301

The Boot and Shoe Pub with a reputation for fine food Tel: 017684 83343

Another pub - The Crown - 1 mile away at Blencow  83369

A village playing field and childrens’ play area

A village hall available for hire Tel: 017684 83457

A Castle - Greystoke Castle - Legendary home of Tarzan !

    Greystoke Castle from the Cycle Café back lawn    



St. Andrews


.A beautiful church There has been a Church as Greystoke since 1255. The Church at that time was richly endowed. The nobility took a personal interest in their Parish Church, and the 14th Baron Greystoke, who built the first Greystoke Castle has a grave in the chancel. For further details please see  Church Service Times ..Greystoke

Apparently hiding up in the roof of the church are a number of ‘green men ‘ …. (These are not gargoyles but often smiling happy faces and heads surrounded by foliage, branches or fruit, acknowledging the ancient fusion between man and the natural world and representing a pagan fertility figure. These green men were secretly incorporated into many of the newly built Christian Churches when they were constructed on what were originally pagan sites – by the woodcarvers and stonemasons of the time, who perhaps wished to include them for posterity. )

St. Andrews ….A beautiful church



A Racing Stables …owned by Nicky Richards


A Racing Stables

owned by Nicky Richards - (son of Gordon Richards) and boasting over 120 horses in training. Greystoke wouldn’t be the same without the constant stream of beautiful thoroughbreds filing around the quiet lanes in a variety of circuitous routes up the gallops at the Castle. Many famous racehorses hail from these stables and can be seen on the roads from the early morning through to early afternoon. The front lawn at the Cycle Café is a great place to watch them pass by.


Penrith Market Town 4-5 miles away (with bus links to there and Keswick)


The Lake District, Ullswater, Keswick and beyond ….all on the doorstep …

.some busier and less peaceful than others, though Greystoke has a tranquillity of the quintessential English village.

…Fabulous quiet roads - both hilly and fairly flat (depending on your needs) for quiet, scenic and challenging road rides and

some great mountain biking around Ullswater, Skiddaw , Blencathra and towards Caldbeck Fells



Single Track mountain bike trail at Whinlatter



 Cyclewise Whinlatter-  Moutain bike hire for the new Endura Trails above Keswick in Whinlatter forest - inc red trails some 30 - 40 k in length

Forestry Commission - Whinlatter Altura Trail

The new South and North Sections of the Altura Mountain BIke trails at Whinlatter Forest Park are now open and

are just 17 miles west of Greystoke




Situated 4 miles west of Penrith, Cumbria - close to Ullswater and bordering the Northern Lake District, Greystoke Cycle Cafe and Tea Garden is a few hundred yards past the village green on the C2C route



'Always walk through life as if you have something to learn - and you will ! '         


As a Cycle Cafe with limited parking (available only to Cycle support vehicles and some workshop attendees ...)

we politely ask all others to walk (if they can) from the village car park , some 300 yards away .

Sometimes people find this hard to understand and create their own parking spaces 'just round the corner'

So we thought we'd post this poem ....





Ode to the Car Driver........ (the one who just cannot walk ...)



As you sit and read this page

From the comfort of your car

And seek the closest parking space

Remember, life is not a race –

                            and good things come from a slower pace                                   .to savour it is best by far


                          CONSIDER please for just a while

To stretch your legs ..its no great trial

It’s good to walk – (it’s good to talk )

                And totals less than half a mile


‘ 300 YARDS back ??? ’  you say

 I’m feeling rather tired today

              ‘and doubt that I can manage THAT -

                             I’d really rather drive away! ‘


And so you may ….we shall reply

                        & …..if you choose to wonder why …

  It could be for the best

        As parking in the roads

         Upsets our 'Happy Village Quest' and ...

       'Thinking of our Neighbours' Code !


But, if you were so brave to try

                You ‘d reach us on a ‘healthier high’

                              And feel you really do deserve

                       the scones & cream we’ll wait to serve


The reason we’re a tranquil place

Is due to certain lack of pace

    And car free views of rolling hills

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